Arie; (air-ee) 1. Superior.

The name Arie means superior. The zodiac sign Aries is described as strong, optimistic, enthusiastic, and courageous. Arie Dance Company strives to embody strength, optimism, enthusiasm, and courage.

Miss Bre Langille, Owner and Artistic Director, pursued her dream of opening a dance studio in June 2016 in Truro, Nova Scotia. We host recreational and competitive programs for ages 2 to adult, offering Creative, Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Tap, Hip-hop, and Contemporary styles. Arie Dance Company strives to promote an inclusive, creative, and fun atmosphere for team building through the art of dance. We offer high quality dance instruction and love to see dancers grow into their own artist throughout their programs!

Miss Bre Langille has been a dancer since the age of 3. Ever since her first step on stage, she has not left - it has always felt like home. Throughout her years as a dancer, Miss Bre has competed all around Nova Scotia, Toronto, Montreal, and New York City. In one of her many competitions, she was chosen amongst hundreds of participants for the title of ‘Most Promising Dancer’. After graduating, Miss Bre moved on to a university level dance team and became one of the sole choreographers. Over the years, Miss Bre has instructed dancers in both recreational and competitive atmospheres. She thoroughly enjoys teaching her students and loves to see them grow.